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Cotton Lawn

Cotton Lawn
What Can I Make With This Fabric?

The threads in the fabric are very fine which results in a supple drape that is perfect for warm weather and linings - think summer blouses and floaty dresses.  

As with most lightweight fabrics, lighter colors such as pink or white, often have some transparency to them. 

With its silky feel, it also makes luxurious pillowcases.

Preparing For Sewing

  • If your project is going to be regularly washed then you should pre-wash your fabric, lawn should be washed on a cold wash and if you want to tumble dry, do so on a low setting.
  • When ironing use a cool setting, such as silk.
  • Spraying your fabric with starch will help is behave whilst you are cutting your pattern pieces out.
  • Avoid using thick pins with this fabric.
Sewing Tips
  • A regular needle and stitch length should work well, but if you run into problems try turning your stitch length down a little, and/or changing your needle to a 60/8.
  • You can use most seam finishes with cotton lawn but if it will suit your pattern, french seams look great and add some strength and structure.
  • Deep hems won't look great with cotton lawn as they will disrupt the flow of the fabric, rolled hems are best, or a narrow folded hem.
Sevenberry - Retro Cars and Road Signs on Blue - Double Gauze - 128cm Wide Sevenberry - Retro Cars and Road Signs on Blue - Double Gauze - 128cm Wide
Brand: Sevenberry
A gorgeous, delicate double gauze in a watery blue with vintage cars and trucks.THIS FABRIC IS: 100% double gauze cotton, 122cm (48") wide.Suitable for: quilting, dressmaking, home decor projects, general crafts...
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