The real fun of this project comes when you hand this bag to a child and show them how it turns ‘inside’ out. My grandchildren thought this was the best thing EVER! They wanted to show everyone how it worked.
I chose to use standard quilter’s cotton; if you find a fabric you love and it’s not quite sturdy enough, consider using a firmer interfacing to stiffen up your fabric.
And since they are so quick to make, they are great little gifts!

Fat Quarter of outer fabric
Fat Quarter of inner fabric
Fat Quarter interfacing (optional)
Coordinating thread

Fold your fabric and place the pattern on the fold. Cut two from each fabric.


You’ll also need to cut a strip of each fabric for the strap, measuring 2.5 inches wide by 24 inches long.



Iron or stitch interfacing onto wrong side of main fabric (both pieces)


All ready to start sewing now

Place and pin your outer body fabric pieces together, with right sides together, for each of your fabric colours. Starting at the top, sew down one side, across the bottom, and up the other side of the bag body using a 3/8th inch seam allowance. Leave the top open. Sew the other set of fabric the same way.

 Now  to make the bag have a squared base by pushing the corners out to create a point and sewing straight across. This will make the base of the bag like a box so it can stand on its own. Put your hand into the bag body and push the corner out With your hands outside of the purse, line up the side seam with the bottom seam, making a point.

Sew across the point, creating an extra flap of fabric my line of stitching was approximately 2.5 inches long.