Finished size: Approx 25.5cm wide x 16.1cm (10” x 6.3”) (width taken across the top)


The following measurements will give you a zipper pouch measuring 25.5cm x 15.8cm, with a bottom 5cm wide.  See the instructions at the end of this tutorial to work out your requirements if you want to make a different size.


28cm x 21cm (11” x 8.5”) x2 in your external fabric and x2 in your internal fabric.

2 x 5cm x 7.5cm (2” x 3”) for the tabs (these appear at each end of the zip).


This is a matter of personal choice, I wanted a squidgy but smooth feel, so opted to add two layers, the first was medium weight fusible interfacing and the second low loft fusible fleece (H630).

Each piece should be 25.5cm x 18.5cm (10” x 7.5”).


1 zip 25cm (10”) long (you could get a larger one and cut the end off).



Take one of your main fabric pieces.  Looking at the bottom left corner, draw a square 3.7cm x 3.7cm (¾” x ¾”) (see below).  Repeat on the right side then cut the squares out.

Repeat with the remaining fabric and interfacing pieces.

Iron the interfacing onto the fabric pieces, each piece of interfacing is smaller than the main fabric pieces, this is correct, it reduces the bulk in the seam allowances.  Simply line the interfacings up centrally on the back of the fabric pieces, you will have a border of approx. 1.2cm of fabric on each side of the interfacing.  Iron into place.

Put these pieces to one side.

Fold one of your tab fabric pieces in half, wrong sides facing each other, so that the short ends meet iron.  Open the fabric out and fold the raw edges into the centre fold line.  Iron.  Fold in half again, along the first crease line and press once more.  Repeat with the second zipper end piece.