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26 Sep Dashwood Studio Good Vibes Fabric Collection - Celebrating Hope
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Good Vibes by Bethan Janine's Good Vibes fabric collection for Dashwood Studio is like a hippy dippy musical festival in print!  With doves of peace, florals, rainbows, birds, flower hearts and moreIts a great way to keep the sunshine going though the autumn and winter months and help get you starte..
11 Sep Starlit Hollow Has Arrived - Scandi Christmas Prints with Glittery Accents
clairekw 0 175
Sian Summerhayes's Starlt Hollow fabric collection for Dashwood Studio has a distictly Scandi vibe.The addition of metalic gold threads adds enough sparkle to make this a great choice for Christmas makes whilist the Scandi vibe extends their use into the rest of the year.  Animals featured in this c..
13 Aug We will be back soon!
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Following a catastrophic meltdown we have had to rebuild our website from the ground up.Sadly we have lost all our blog posts along with store information, but we will be back, adding new information about additions to our store, sewing discoveries, hints, tips and free sewing patterns, just as soon..
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