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Riley Blake Designs - A Little Sweetness - Ditsy Floral on Pink - Jersey - 152cm Wide

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Riley Blake Designs - A Little Sweetness - Ditsy Floral on Pink - Jersey - 152cm Wide
-65 %
Riley Blake Designs - A Little Sweetness - Ditsy Floral on Pink - Jersey - 152cm Wide

95% cotton and 5% spandex (4 way stretch)

Width 57".

What Can I Make With This Fabric?

Jersey/knit fabrics are available in a wide range of weights and styles, with t-shirt fabric at one end of the stretch spectrum and lycra enthused fabrics for workout gear at the other, some stretch a little, some a lot, some are made using just cotton, others include other natural or man-made fibres.  

The type of jersey we stock is made from 100% cotton, or over 95% cotton with the addition of some elastane to increase the stretch (the exact makeup of each fabric can be found in the main product descriptions). 

Outside the World of Dressmaking

It is perfectly possible to incorporate jersey into almost any project where you would use medium weight cotton if you add the right interfacing.  Adding interfacing is another step and more expense but there are times when it is worth it if you prefer the softer feel of jersey.  If you are quilting you may want to create a rag quilt with softer tufts or want to make a quilt out of different fabric textures for a more sensory experience.  Around the home it can be used to great effect in pillowcases and cushion covers etc....


Our jerseys are great for tops, dresses where you want a soft rather than structured look, shorts, elasticated skirts, legging and casual trousers or pjs - if in doubt consult your pattern for advice on the type of jersey to use.

Preparing For Sewing

If your project is going to be regularly washed then you should pre-wash your fabric, jersey can shrink by upto 10% when first washed - that's a loss of 10cm for every mtr! 

Sewing with Jersey Fabric
  • Use a sewing pattern designed specifically for knit/jersey fabrics, or one which tells you what to do differently if you want to use knit/jersey.
  • Try using a universal needle on an offcut of your fabric to test the needle, if the stitch looks good and there is no snagging, carry on, otherwise, switch to a jersey, stretch or ballpoint needle.
  • If you are using a sewing machine for your project, use its stretch stitch, if you don't have a specific stretch stitch use a narrow zig zag stitch with a medium/long stitch length.
  • Because knits don't fray, finishing the edges is optional!
  • There is no need to clip and snip into curves as the fabric's stretch will help it lay flat.
  • When cutting out, pressing and sewing, the most important thing is to be aware of the need to prevent any stretching  Iron by lifting and pressing rather than moving the iron from side to side, and support the fabric as it passes through your sewing machine - definitely don't pull it through!

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