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Lucky Dip Charming Pack - Mixed - Not Just For The Boys (5" Squares x 42)

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Lucky Dip Charming Pack - Mixed - Not Just For The Boys (5" Squares x 42)
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Lucky Dip Charming Pack - Mixed - Not Just For The Boys (5" Squares x 42)

Each pack contains 42 squares of fabric, they will be picked from geometric, animal, abstract, transport, travel, monster, dinosaur collections and collections about people.

The image above illustrates the type of the fabrics and colours, but please remember, each pack is different.

Each square is 12.7cm (5") square, cut from medium weight cotton.

What Can I Make With This Fabric?

This fabric is a medium weight cotton, one of the most versatile and easy to sew with types of fabric. 

Medium weight cotton (also known as quilting weight cotton) is used in quilting, bag making, cushions, lampshades, blinds, curtains, soft toys, bunting, dressmaking and more!

It is a reasonably dense fabric with a soft feel and just enough weight and stiffness to produce good quality, long lasting, results. 

If you are considering using this type of fabric for dressmaking, consider how you want your fabric to fall/drape.  Medium weight cotton is great for children's clothes and where you want a defined shaped, such as in an a-line skirt or vintage-inspired shift dress, but won't work for floaty dresses or blouses.

It can be stiffened with the introduction of interfacing for making rigid bags, squidgy zip up pouches etc..

Preparing For Sewing

If your project is going to be regularly washed then you should pre-wash your fabric, medium weight cottons can shrink by upto 6% when first washed - that's a loss of 6cm for every mtr! 

Exception to the rule...

If you are quilting and like the slightly crinkly vintage look, wait until after you have finished sewing your quilt to wash it, the fabric will shrink at a different rate to the wadding and that lovely crinkly finish will magically appear.

If you do pre-wash your fabrics, do this before your cut your pattern pieces out of your fabric, washing powder/conditioner are optional.

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