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Therm-o-web Heat n Bond Lite Adhesive

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Therm-o-web Heat n Bond Lite Adhesive
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Therm-o-web Heat n Bond Lite Adhesive

HeatnBond® Lite is a paper backed, iron-on, double-sided adhesive for bonding fabrics without the need for pinning. 

HeatnBond Lite is designed for sewers who want to sew around the edges of their applique.  The glue is strong enough to hold everything in place whilst you sew, it won't gum up your needle and doesn't add bulk to your finished project.

You can draw or print directly on the paper backing to easily design appliqué pieces! 

43cm (17") wide, order in cms or mtrs, the more you order the longer your piece of interfacing will get, or opt for one of our great value pre-cut mini rolls:

  • Save 10% when you order a 5mtr roll.
  • Save 20% when you order a 10mtr roll.
  • Save 25% when you order a 32mtr roll.
Which Heat n Bond Product is Right For Me?

We stock two versions of Heat n Bond:

  • Heat n Bond Ultra (the red one) is designed for projects where you DO NOT want to sew the applique onto your main fabric.  The glue is strong enough to provide a permanent bond, which will withstand washing and drying.
  • Heat n Bond Lite (the purple one) is designed for projects where you DO want to sew the applique onto your main fabric.  It will hold your applique firmly in place until you have finished sewing and the glue is designed to be kind to your sewing machine and in particular it won't gum up your needle.
Creating Your Applique Templates
  1. Use computer software to create mirror images of your applique shapes.
  2. Print the images on paper or, using an inkjet printer, print directly onto the Heat n Bond paper (print on the smooth side and leave to dry before moving on).
  3. If you have printed your images on paper, slide them behind a piece of Heat n Bond, bumpy side of the adhesive on top of the images, smooth, paper side of the adhesive facing you, and trace the images through onto the Heat n Bond.
  4. If you have printed your images directly onto Heat n Bond move onto the next step.
Preparing Your Fabric
  1. Pre-wash your fabrics (without fabric softener) if you are making an item which will be washed in the future.
  1. Cut your applique shapes out of the Heat n Bond adhesive sheet.
  2. Place them on top of the fabric you want to use for the applique, bumpy side facing the back of the applique fabric. 
  3. Iron into place, taking care not to get any adhesive on your ironing board.
  4. Turn the fabric over and press once more and then, once cooled, cut your applique shapes out.
  5. Peel the paper off the back of the applique shapes and arrange on your project, if non of the shapes overlap, when you are ready, iron the pieces into place (and then sew to secure if you are using Heat n Bond Lite).  If pieces overlap take the top layer of applique off and iron/sew your first layer of applique into place before adding the next layer.

After Care

  1. Machine wash your items on a cold or delicate setting and if you use a tumble dryer set the temperature to low.

We strongly recommend testing the adhesive with all the materials you will be fusing together prior to fusing.

Not suitable for dry cleaning.

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