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Vlieseline - Waistshaper - 70mm wide - Fusible Interfacing (Waistbands & Bag Handles)

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Vlieseline - Waistshaper - 70mm wide - Fusible Interfacing (Waistbands & Bag Handles)
Vlieseline - Waistshaper - 70mm wide - Fusible Interfacing (Waistbands & Bag Handles)

We love Waistshaper here at Prints to Polka Dots, like all the interfacings we sell, it has been robustly road tested at our Sewing School and passed the test with flying colours!

We use it in waistbands, but also, and perhaps more often, in bag handles.

This tape will give you a finished waistband/strap 25mm deep.

Order in mtrs, the more you order the longer your piece of interfacing will get, or opt for one of our great value pre-cut mini rolls:

  • Save 10% when you order a 5mtr pack
  • Save 20% when you order a 10mtr pack
  • Save 25% when you order a 50mtr roll.
Preparing Your Fabric

Cut your interfacing to the desired length.  Then cut your fabric to match the width and length of the interfacing. 

Fusing Your Interfacing to the Fabric

Place the interfacing on the back of your fabric, rough side down.  Press the layers together with a hot iron, holding it in place for about 8 seconds before moving onto the next section of tape.

Allow your fabric to cool off for about 20 minutes to allow the glue to properly set.

Once cooled, fold the fabric along the perforated crease lines in the interfacing, first folding the lines closest to the edge of the fabric, then the middle crease.  Give everything one more press and you are ready to get sewing.

Sewing Into Place

For a Waistband

Fold your waistband up as directed above.  Now unfold the edge which will end up inside the waistband.  With the garment inside out, pin the waistband into place, unfolded edge lined up with the top of the garment and right side of the waistband facing the wrong side of the garment (remember to fold the short edges in to give a neat finish).

Sew the waistband into place along the first fold (in the ditch).

Now turn your garment out the right way and fold the waistband back up.

Pin the waistband into place, so that the bottom, folded, edge falls just below the sew line from the last step.  Finish your waistband by edge stitch the waistband into place just above the bottom fold on the waistband.

Making Bag Handles:
Fold your straps up as directed above and then simply edge stitch each strap closed along the open long side (stitching along the opposite long side is optional but will give your straps symmetry and extra strength).  Then sew your handles into your bag.  

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