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Adhesive/Fusible Web/Interfacing

Adhesive/Fusible Web/Interfacing
What Is Interfacing Used For?

Interfacing is used to stabilize, strengthen, shape and support fabric:

  • Protecting buttonholes and the fabric around fasteners from wear and tear.  
  • Maintaining the cut shape (curves and straight lines) e.g. around collars, acting as stay stitching in dressmaking etc... 
  • Supporting fabrics to give you crisp contours e.g. around cuffs, pricking up ears on soft toys, helping bags and boxes stay stood up etc..
  • llowing you to use fabrics which on their own are quite floppy to create defined shapes and structures in your projects, turning regular cottons into home décor weight fabrics.

In addition to the core dressmaking interfacings, there are specialist interfacings for embroidery, that prevent fabrics distorting and stretching when sewing, iron on fleeces that add depth and warmth, and quilters grid, a clever interfacing that will help you achieve perfect points, quickly!

What is Fusible Web Used For?

Iron on adhesive (also known as fusible web) is the double-sided sticky tape of the fabric world!  There are options that will temporarily hold your fabrics in place while you sew, and permanently, no-sew options.  Use to create your own applique and to hold fabrics still when English Paper Piecing.

In addition to iron on adhesive, we also stock temporary and permanent fabric glue sprays from ODIF.  Great for applique, English Paper Piecing and basting quilts.

Finding Just What You Need...

The world of interfacing can be bewildering, but choose the right ones for your project and sewing will become a whole lot less stressful, your makes will look better and last longer.

Use the filter on this page to find the right interfacing for your project, if left in any doubt, use the ask a question button at the top of any of our product pages and we will be happy to help.



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